“Growth is the obvious benefit of our booming economy.  But with growth, there are challenges to our infra-structure.  Our institutions (education and government) and businesses will need the ability to celebrate and welcome diversity of our growing population.  Most importantly attracting, growing and retaining diverse talent – from entry level roles to the boardroom.”  Pat Asp

“The best part of Nashville’s booming economy is that it benefits the local small business owner.  Regional and national businesses can capitalize on growth opportunities in other geographies, but local businesses are dependent on the local economy.  Nashville’s unprecedented growth today provides local businesses the ability to “restock” their balance sheets, expand and invest in opportunities for future growth.”  Harold Fogelberg

“The best part of Nashville’s booming economy is the rapidly growing population, leading to tremendous business growth.  The disadvantage is the strain on the city, especially in the areas of education and transportation.”  Henry Hillenmeyer

“Nashville’s booming economy accelerates the entry of new people, new talents, and new ideas – building on Nashville’s creativity while blending the new with the old.  The only real disadvantage is also the biggest challenge – seeing around the corner.”  Art Rebrovick

“The best part is the creation of new jobs, good new jobs, in Nashville.  As far as disadvantages, the strain on our public infrastructure is the most concerning and deserves the most attention.”  Don Williamson