November 13, 2018

Diversity Is All About Success

By:  Cristina Allen A culturally diverse workforce enhances and allows for a diverse customer. Cultural diversity is no longer about political correctness or window dressing; it’s about business survival, employment, pure profit and bottom-line business. Diversity sales is one of
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Our company provides executive and team coaching to many organizations.  This has resulted in a successful ROI for our clients.  However, not every person will benefit from coaching.  Check out this great management tip from Harvard Business Review to determine
“Growth is the obvious benefit of our booming economy.  But with growth, there are challenges to our infra-structure.  Our institutions (education and government) and businesses will need the ability to celebrate and welcome diversity of our growing population.  Most importantly
By:  Harold Fogelberg Today’s society views business organizations as moral agents (i.e., being socially responsible).  Businesses are held accountable for not just what is legal, but what is also ethical.  Often there is a big difference between what we have